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Would you know what to do if you were faced with an accident or emergency involving your Dog?

Remaining CALM and being able to use pet first aid tools that we provide you with may save your Dog's life



Can you: Perform Dog CPR? Stop your Dog from Bleeding? Apply a bandage? Ease their Pain?




Its a new day and a new dawn.....

PLAN, PREPARE & PRIORITISE your Dog's Safety, Health and Welfare and BOOK on our Dog First Aid Course WITHOUT DELAY....




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A very warm welcome to Dog First Aid UK

The majority of Dog owners at some point during their Dog's life will find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having to deal with an accident or emergency situation with their beloved Dog and making the most of every minute will count whilst you are able to seek the time of Veterinary Professionals.

Our Mission & Vision

To raise the awareness of the importance of anyone that is in contact with Dogs to provide First Aid Care to a Dog in need and understand that in such a situation, having a knowledge of Dog First Aid may help to save their life.

Plan, Prepare & Protect your Dog's Health, Safety & Welfare

The reality of it is, your beloved Dog is most likely to be involved in an accident or emergency situation at some point during their life. 

Do you have the knowledge and Dog First Aid skills that you may require to deal with such a situation? Do you know how to check your Dog's breathing, perform Dog CPR, minimise bleeding, move a Dog with spinal injuries? Do you feel confident in ensuring that every moment counts and is best spent helping your Dog whilst Veterinary attention is sought? Would you remain calm and feel confident in providing your Vet with concise and important information that will help your Vet help your Dog?

If you have any doubt in answering a definitive yes to any of this, you need to start the ''Plan, Prepare and Protect'' steps to help safeguard your Dog's Health, Safety and Welfare. Pet First Aid is most effective if you seek to acquire the knowledge and learn the skills in advance and not when you need them.

Plan - Visit our ''Course Planner'' and see what locations and dates are available to reserve a place on our course.

Prepare - Check which venue and date is convenient for you to attend.

Protect - your Dog's Health, Safety and Welfare and reserve on-line with us today.


 Important point to note

The Course that we offer is a ''Pet First Aid'' Course although you will find that it is referred to as a ''Dog First Aid'' Course through out our website. This is because we are required to focus on a Pet to provide the training  and we have chosen to focus on ''Dog'' although you will find that we do also refer to other Pets during the course. If you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Plan, Prepare & Prioritise your Pet's Health & Welfare 

Reserve your place on-line without delay

Understanding the Vitals of your Dog

UK Pet Population in 2016



Interesting Facts

Preventable accidents are the leading cause of death among our pets, and according to the American Veterinary Association (AVMA), 9 out of 10 dogs and cats can expect to have an emergency during their lifetime. 

The good news is that 25% more animals can be saved if humans perform first aid BEFORE getting to their Vet (American Animal Hospital Association AAHA statistic). What this means is that the most competent Veterinarian cannot bring your pet back to life, but by knowing Pet First Aid & CPR, you can keep your dog or cat alive until you reach professional medical help.

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